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Our study in Luke starts with the confirmation that

our leader is DIVINE.  In this account Jesus

steps into eternity.  He shows his then disciples and

us, that He is indeed , The I AM...  He is 

The Good Shepherd...

Jesus took the inner circle of his disciples

to a mountain. The following comes from

the account of The Mount of Transfiguration.



The Transfiguration    (Luke  9:28-32)




Apostle Jean Morris





Verse 28    And it came to pass about and eight days after these sayings, He took Peter and John and James, and went up into a mountain to pray.”


We well know that in order to communicate effectively with God

a place aside must be gotten.  If we decide to try to communicate

with God in the midst of others, distractions always take place.  There are interruptions.  Therefore, it is wisdom for anyone who is serious about getting something from God to go aside.

If we follow the life of Jesus,  and the other prophets, they were called aside for the times that they were to hear from God.  One prophet speaks of the time that He was shut in.  Jeremiah

He sent His servent in his stead.  This lets us know of the seriousness of following the leading of the Holy Spirit when He has called us aside.  In our obedience as in this time that we are studying, there is always a reward.    Note that the place was a mountain. 


A mountain is a high place.   “Come up hither” said God to John

that I may show you things to come.  We need to go up.  In the mountain is to be away from the carnal;  away from the earthly; away  from the bondages of the flesh ,  ours and others who satan

may charge to destract and hinder us.   To the mountain we must go.


David spoke of asending to the hill

of the Lord.  Moses was called more than once to the mountain.

Jesus went out into a mountain to pray before chosing the disciples.

Paul speaks of Mount Sion as the place where we can expect to make contact with those in the spirit.   This is vertical and horizonal grounding for a sure flow of the power of God even as in

electrical power.  In the mountain

there are less resistors


Verse 29  “And as He prayed, the

fashion of His countenance was

altered, and His raiment was white

and glistering.”


“As He prayed,...”  While Jesus was

talking with God,  something happened.  Considering what prayer is.  It is talking with God.  Too,  prayer is the fusing of the soul with heaven so that the will of God for that time can be done.  Remember,  “Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven...”  At the time of prayer we are entering into the presence of God  so that He may change us into the being


that He has ordained for is to be.  That is, like unto the Christ.  So as we ascend to heaven through yielding to the Holy Spirit who takes up our prayer, the mind of God is prayed.  “ Likewise the Spirit also helpeth ourinfirmities:  for we know not what we should pray for as we ought:  but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.  And He that searcheth the

hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit, because He maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God.”  Romans  8:  26-27    Many times this type of prayer is done in another language. 


There is a prayer language.  That is the Holy Spirit prays in unknown

tongues.  Read  I Corinthians 14

This scriptures contains the teachings regarding praying with the understanding and praying without understanding.  When prayer is made by the Holy Spirit, in tongues,  most times it is without understanding.  The person in prayer does not know what they are praying for.  But, thank God that we can pray and receive an answer to prayer.  This type of prayer undoubtedly will change the person.  Even as Jesus’ countenance was changed.   His countenance was altered as He prayed and entered into the eternal order.  The prayer caused His spirit to supercede over the flesh.  His spirit was filled with the glory of God.   That glory spilled over onto His clothing.  His clothes began to glow with the eternal power of God saturating every fiber.  As we pray, praise, worship and  glorify God;  as we walk in   the  Spirit  Acts 19: 11-12 can be manifested in our lives.  “And God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul:  So that from his  body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons, and the diseases departed from them, and the evil spirits went out of them.”  Many miss the power that is in prayer and stuggle to bring about visitations of the Holy Spirit through other means.  But, following Jesus is the best route.  He knows how to cause heaven to touch earth.   He is our example.  Let us do it HIS way.


Verses 30-31  “And, behold, there talked with Him two men, which were Moses and Elias:  Who appeared in glory, and spake of His decease which He should accomplish at  Jerusalem.”          


Again, Jesus entered in the eternal

order.  Those who were absent from the body, or from earth, communicated with Him.  Looking at the word communicate for just a moment.  Communication is fellowship.  It is exchange.  In this case it was spiritual intercourse; receiving of heavening strength from those who had walked the path of leadership and denial before Him.  It was preparation for the utimate sacrifice of His body on the cross.  And it was confirmation of His former residence and future home.  Both Moses and Elijah were men of great  power even over the elements.  Too, they  were men rejected.  Jesus was rejected.  Maybe they were reassuring Him of them standing  in the spirit  during His time of need.  What ever it was for, Jesus did it and God approved it.  God spoke at that




Verse 32  “But  Peter and they that were with him were heavy with sleep:  and when theywere awake, they saw his glory, and the two men that stood with him.”


Sleep has a way of causing distortion of purpose.  There are times that sleep must be denied.  Even though God created sleep as a part of rest needed after work  and or just simplybeing awake for a certain number of hours.  However, eventually the body will go into a sleep mode.  The systems will slow down necessary for digestion, thought and verbal communication.  At that time we are dead to the physical activities around us. So was it  with the disciples.  They knew nothing until they awoke.


Here we see the awesome ability of the created being man.  Man is created in the image of God.  God has senses.  God has a spirit and a soul.  Both of the latter are eternal.

With Jesus, Peter and the others were able to see the eternal order.  They beheld, one dead , the other trnaslated.  Both are a part of the Kingdom of Heaven.  Was it only a vision as even the Bible describes?  Then what is a vision?

They saw two men (spirit)  talking to the person who had climbed the mountain with them.  So they had entered into another deminsion of

ability.  Limits were taken from the retnar.  Eternal optical lenses of their spirit caused them to behold Jesus who had stepped into eternity with  Moses plus Elijah.  What a mighty God we serve.


Notwithstanding, is it possible for anyone to attain  to such a level of communication today?  The scriptures attest to not only the possibility but the standing priviledge of believers to ascend in the Spirit where such things exist.  Read Hebrews 12:22-24  Yet most live in the place where the children of Israel lived-in the wilderness of Sinai.  In the wilderness idols were worshipped.  Lust was the priority.

And death was their end before reaching the promise land.  Again as Jesus did before us, we must ascend into the mountain to attain to see His glory.  (When mentoring others they must see us in glory). And many times we cannot sleep as others sleep.  The body must be denied.  Notwithstanding, wisdom will kick in.  The leading of the Holy Spirit will order our steps as necessity calls.  Then we will be found as Jesus in the bottom of the ship, sleep.



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The reason of a probable gentile writing an account of the Life of Jesus is:  God is a strategist.  His way of reaching people is a part of an architectural plan. 

A building needs, design, harmony,  and functional purpose. It must be for utility and comfort.  Form is necessary and structure.  Without balance there is insufficiency.

The Gospel of Luke brings equality of concern for all peoples.  His writings and even the purpose in communication with a Greek was not by chance.  Devine order was present. 

We see Luke describing the Son of Man.  The establishing Jesus Christ's roots back to Adam, the son of God.

According to the Oxford Companion to the Bible, Luke was a physician; A Syrian of Antioch-who wrote in Achaia, Bithynia or Rome. 

Theophilus, to whom Luke wrote was a Greek also.  The geographical setting was Galilee-toward Jerusalem.  Too, we find a historical background.  This can be used to bridge the Bible with ancient history.  Needless to say required facts to persuade the unbeliever of every class and caste are available providing a foundation for research.






LUKE 1:26-80 

"And the WORD was made flesh..."

Jesus was born of the virgin Mary.  How?  “And the Word was made flesh” St John 1:14.  This is a great mystery.  God, the Father created a soul and spirit embodied in flesh.  A woman carried the Word of God in her womb.  She conceived of the Holy Ghost, the Son of God.  Jesus was born not by the will of man, but of God.  That is, He was not conceived by the lust of the flesh, but God spoke.  The Word was brought to Mary by the angel Gabriel.  That Word was conceived.  Mary carried Jesus nine months.  And when the fullness of time was come she brought forth Jesus.  This fulfilled,  And she shall bring forth a Son and  He shall save His people from their sins.”  Matthew 1:21


God’s plan to redeem man began with Jesus who lived even as a baby boy.  Think of that.  His mother knew that her child was not an ordinary child.  He was not because of intercourse, the now word for making a baby.  Jesus came because an angel spoke to her.  She yielded her body;  “Be it unto me according to thy Word…”  Oh what a miracle.  No wonder she sang and prophesied.  Wouldn’t you after such a visitation, sing unto the Lord?  Mary sang.  He song lives on.  Many do not see the honor bestowed upon her.  But, others who are not wise in their bestowing do.  By millions that honor has been distorted.  It has changed to idolatry.  But, no one can take the honor from Mary, that she bore the Son of God.


As we look at the text, we see heaven touching earth.  The angel, Gabriel was sent from God.  He did not come on his own, he was sent.  As a messenger of God he also brought heaven with him.   What is it then, upon the arrival of the Son even as a child, the earth was sent into motion for a change.  “The kingdom of God” was upon the horizon.  This came about as the Holy Child made His announcement; “The Kingdom of God is at hand”.


When you see the song Mary sang, you see a prophetic word.  …”He hath shewed strength with his arm.”  Arm here brings to mind,  Isaiah 53:1 “Who hath believed our report and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?”



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Be Blessed Continually as you study.































Luke  2: 36-38   Anna, The Prophetess in the Temple


When reading this text  a person may mock the scriptures saying,  “the bible contradicts itself”;  Well not so. Time, context and purpose are words that cause every scripture written to stand as the Word of God.  It is a matter of rightly dividing the Word of Truth.


What is said here?  Anna spoke in the temple to all who were present.  Her speaking regarding Jesus was concerning Him bringing redemption for Israel. This was indeed a

Prophetic Word.  “Yet, Paul exhorted the Corinthians “Let the women keep silent in the church …”  Why was that said?  Explanation will not occur here.  However, it is wise to say that the role of the woman in scripture each time was strategic and oftimes the vessel for the deliverance of Israel for the season at hand.


Too, daughters are included in the new testament prophesy given by Peter confirming Joel’s prophesy that “Your sons and daughters would prophesy.”  Why is this inserted?

Women in ministry who study with AJMCB and are under this apostleship are strengthened to know that we have witness of our calling and election in the Body of Christ.


The Twelve Year Old Prophet


Secondly, Jesus having receive no doubt his “barmitzva”  (the time when a boy becomes a man in Judism) was trusted by his parents at the time; Mary and Joseph to attach himself to some person on their way back home from Jerusalem.  But, when not found, they looked and beheld him in the temple with priests asking and answering questions regarding the Law.  Was he disobedient?  No he was not.  The business of the Father was

ignited.  However, further growth was needed.  That caused Him to return home and was

Subject to those who were to oversee his physical growth until the fullness of time came.


Jesus of Nazareth, was subject to parents.  The Law required it to be so.  He fulfilled the Law.  But, as is the inference, “He increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.”  St Luke 2:52


As the Light of the world, we can learn from that example.  Be subject to those in authority.